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Internet Download Manager Universal Crack is Here

Note : This crack has a built-in update function. Once IDM new version comes, you can update and apply crack right away.
Last Updated : IDM 6.23 build 9

Internet Download Manager Universal Crack
How to Crack any IDM Version ?
  1. Install the latest version of IDM / Or update via quick update (yes its possible now)
  2. Turn off any virus guards
  3. Download and Run IDM Universal Web Crack.exe
  4. Update IDM Universal Web Crack (if it asks) [screenshot]
  5. Select IDM Installation path
  6. Click Crack button and wait till it say IDM activated successfully ! (Press the button twice to make sure it worked)
  7. Now open IDM and enjoy lifetime full version license
How to Update / When a new version of IDM comes
Update IDM via IDM’s quick update.Then  run the IDM Universal Web Crack and follow above steps from step 3.


Downloads & Links (not blocked for any country)

Notes and Info
  • update.bin file will be created after crack update not delete it if you want to keep the crack uptodate.
  • perfect cracking will be done once, you get all three ticks in green or purple in the crack status (purple tick means update.bin found and loaded)
  • if a new crack version release becomes late, you will see a notice about it in the bottom of crack :)
  • Click Read Me button in crack to get information about all the functions in Crack App.
  • No, you cannot remove that smiley face comes after registration name :)
  • Crack is 100% clean. Detection ratio 5/55 is due to exe compression  


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What is Paidverts?
Paidverts aik PTC Site hy jo dollars may pay karti hy jub k baaqi PTC Sites cents may pay karti hen or un may bohat si scam hoti hen. es site ko
Joel William Cook  ny 31 March 2014 ko launch kiya tha jo aik expert marketer hy or MyTrafficValue ka founder b hy. MyTrafficValue crowdfunding platform hy jo market may 2010 se majood hy. PV her aik k liye short time may decent earning ka aik best way hy.

Is Paidverts a scam?
Ye doosri PTC Sites ki tarah scam site nhi hy q k aik to ye free site hy second Jo(owner) ny apnye facebook account may apnye personal links or identity di hoi hy. or bohat se log eska address b jaantye hen or es k sath personal links b rakhtye hen.
Es k elawa admin k yaha koi hidden charges nhi hen or her 1 cheez user k liye open hy. Es liye yaha her koi fairly or without cheating/spamming earn kar sakta hy.

What is minimum cash out?

$1 Minimum cashout hy or payment processors may Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Western Union etc shaamil hen.

Advetisement Proofs:
Here is an example of  high valued available ads for free members-
How Paidverts works?
PV pe advertisers ki taraf se daily Paid ads aatye hen jo aap ny 30 seconds tak dekhnye hotye hen jis k baad payment foran aap k account may aa jaati hy.

How can you earn money?

Sub se pehlye paidverts pe free account banaaein. Date of Birth ko dhiyaan se likhein q k ye as a security measure use hoti hy jub aap cashout ki request kartye ho agar aap date of birth bhool gye to aap cash withraw nhi karwa sako gye.  So, meri suggestion yehi hy k aap original date of birth hi likhein. Second aapko apnye liye 1 referrer zaroor dena ho ga so meri request hy k
dilshadahmad ko apna referrer likhein, es se aapko or mujhye dono ko benefit ho ga. Aapko kisi qasam ka loss nhi hy dilshadahmad as referrer use karnye may. Nechye diye hoye link pe click karein.

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Successfully registered honye k baad ab baari aati hy earning karnye ki. earning karnye k liye aap k pass 2 options hen;
i. Zero investment (Free earning)
ii. A little investment (to boost earning)

i. Zero Investment Option:

 Sub se pehlye apnye paidverts account may log in hn us k baad 'Member Home Page' pe click karein. Yaha aapko 16 activation ads millein gye. En ads ko click karein. 1 ad ko click karnye pe aapko 25 BAP (Bonus Ad Points) millein gye or 1 BAP ki value hoti hy $0.0005. SO 16 ads ko click karnye pe millein gye 16*25*0.0005=$0.2. aap apnye BAP ko to real money may convert nhi kar saktye lekin aap k BAP jitnye ziyada hn gye utnye hi bari value k ads aapko millein gye, un ads ko click kar k aap real money earn kar saktye hen. es ki detail aagye aaye gi.  Activation ads ko click karna bohat zaroori hy q k ye aap k account ko 7 din k liye active rakhtye hen.
PV may 2 tarah k ads hotye hen.
i. Activation ads (ye ads aap k account ko active rakhnye k liye use hotye hen. 1 activation ads 25 BAP deta hy )
ii. Paid ads (Ye ads aapko real money detye hen. aap k pass jitnye ziyada BAP hn gye aapka Paid Ad utna hi high value ho ga.)
Free member k liye zaroori hy k vo 1 b single activation ad miss na karein. Activation ads her 24 hours k baad aatye hen jub k paid ads her 18 hours baad. So her 12 hours k baad aapko apna account check karna chahiaye.
Farz karein aaj aap k pass 1000 BAP hen to eska matlab hy k aap 1000*0.0005=$0.5 k ads receive karein gye. Agar aap k pass 1000 BAP hen to aapko $1/$2 k ads nhi millein gye, 1 k ads k liye aap k pass 2000 BAP honye chahien. 2000*0.0005=$1
TIP! Jitnye ziyada BAP hn gye, aap utna hi ziyada earn kar saktye ho.

ii. A Little Investment Option:
PV may 1 or option b hy jissye BULK ADS kehtye hen jis ka matlab hy BAP ko purchase karna. It is also much profitable. Other PTC Sites ki tarah yaha aapko ziyada cash nhi dena parye ga. Yaha aap $1 se b start kar saktye ho. ye $1 aap khud se b invest kar saktye ho or Zero Investment Option se earn b kar saktye ho.
$1 Ad Pack k badlye aapko jo benefits haasil hn gye vo ye hen;

  1. 50 visits to your website or your any referral link for 30 seconds each
  2. 100 banner impression (125*125)
  3. 25 top of page banner impression (728*90)
  4. Last but the most important benefit k aapko 3100 BAP millein gye jin ki value $1.55 hy

website visits or banner impressions ko 1 taraf rakh k b aapko $1 k badlye $1.55 mil rahye hen. it means aap jitni b amount invest karein gye aapko uska 155% return (55% Profit) millye ga. Farz karye aap $100 invest kartye hen to aapko 310,000 BAP millein gye jin ki value $155 ho gi.
In total your profit is=55%+Other benefits.


PV pe aap sirf $0.05 may apna aacount upgrades kar saktye hen. Yaani sirf 5 ropye may. Jub k doosri websites may humye haazaro pay karnye partye hen.
Es upgrade ka humye ye benefit ho ga k hum $0.05 (5 ropye) se $1 (Rs.103) earn kar saktye hen, or ye upgrades aap jitni dafa chaho lye saktye ho. Free members k liye ye bohat beneficial hy k jessye hi un k pass $0.05 hn vo apna account upgrade kar lein or $1 earn kar k Ads Pack purchase kar lein....

4. Paidverts Groups and Earning:
Paidverts k 14 groups hen jinko BAP ki bunyad pe arrange kiya gaya hy or sath hi unki us din ki earning b deekhai gai hy.

agar aap ooper diye gye hoye banner/link pe click kar k account banaatye hen to aap mery referral ban jao gye. Referrer k begeir aap register nhi ho saktye. You need a referrer. agar aap mery referral nhi bano gye to aap Jo(admin) k referral ban jao gye jo default referrer hy. Becoming my referral is beneficial for both you and me. On the other hand, if you become Mr Joe's referral then you will get no benefit from him. Because you can't contact with him, can't get any tips from him.
Lekin agar aap mery referral bantye ho to may aapko new tricks and tips updates deta rahu ga, sath hi softwares k updates b miltye rahein gye aapko. Aapki earning ko maximise karnye k liye may hamesha aap k sath hn. If anything is confusing to you then you can ask me. You can directly contact me via FACEBOOK CLICK  
For any query you can contact me always. I will be happy to help you.

Some Important TIPS!!!
1. date of birth hamesha original waali likhein taa k aap se koi mistake na ho.
2. $10 investment(10x3100=31,000 BAP) se start karein lekin 1 good investment $30-100 hy. Meri b first investment $100 hi hy. jitni ziyada investment ho utnye hi BAP ziyada hn gye or utni hi earning ziyada ho gi.
 3. The return of investment is at *155% so the higher your investment the higher the return.
Computation: $1 = 3100 BAP ; 1 BAP = $0.0005 ; 3100 x $0.0005 = $1.55 and that is 155% of your investment.
4. Never make two or more accounts on same computer.
5. Use my referral link for registration.

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